RMC Club of Canada


Welcome to Ottawa

Whether you are an officer of the RCN, the Army or the RCAF, the National Capital Region is a great place to serve. As an Ex-Cadet, whether serving in Ottawa or just visiting, join the members of the Ottawa Branch of the RMC Club for Lunch, on the first Wednesday of every month, in the Army Officers' Mess located at
149 Somerset Street, West.
Tel: 613.236.0186


At a cost of $5.00, the lunch is the best deal in town. In addition, you get to meet a lot of good friends.





LunchStories from HQ, stories from the Front in Afghanistan, stories from the reserves and even stories from some of the present Cadets. Have a look at the Gallery for a full look at past events, and look at the Events Calendar to book for the next event.


The River Cruises, the Golf Tournaments, the nights at the races - and many more - are all inviting you and your partner to enjoy in the company of many more like you.


RMC, CMR and Royal Roads are doing much to document our rich histories.


Some examples from Royal Roads


Interview Excerpts

"I remember coming here. We came into the parade square and we all lined up, and it was the first time that I got the feeling that I was in this with a bunch of other people that were in the same boat as me. So, there was some reassurance that we were all doing this together."  - Rick Wing, Class of 1972

"Wakey wakey was 6:30 in the morning. You had 20 minutes to get your bed perfectly made, get properly dressed, get cleaned up, and fall in. And then you went to breakfast. And then you went down to the locker room and you got properly brushed because we wore navy blue uniforms, and everything had to be totally free of this rather strange substance called 'froust' - that was anything that was detectable by the naked eye on your navy blue outfit which was not supposed to be there."  - Ed Murray, Class of 1957


For more on our history, check out the News and Notes tab.